6 Reasons People Seek Information for Selling Houses in Bandung

6 Reasons People Seek Information for Selling Houses in Bandung

The house does not only function as a shelter when it rains or is hot. Home is our destination to feel safe and comfortable. So that every member in it can feel at home. Therefore, choosing a house as a place to live cannot be arbitrary.

When most people feel tired of living and living in the capital city of Jakarta, maybe including you, they will decide to start looking for housing areas outside the city, such as Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, to Bandung.

Yes, Bandung is one of the most comfortable areas to live in. No wonder many people start looking for various pieces of information related to selling houses in Bandung.

Well, the Flower City of Bandung is indeed a city that is famous for its beauty. If you’re making up your mind and looking for information on selling houses in Bandung, here are some reasons why you should live in this city:

Weather and Climate in Bandung

The first reason people look for information on selling houses in Bandung is the desire to feel the comfort of the air and the natural atmosphere.

Geographically, Bandung is located in the highlands of the Bandung Basin, West Java. It is called the Bandung Basin because Bandung is an area surrounded by various mountains and is 700 m above sea level.

Usually in the rainy season, Bandung’s air temperature during the day ranges from 23-29 degrees Celsius. At night, the air in Bandung is in the range of 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, in the dry season, the air temperature is extreme, namely between 28 and 33 degrees Celsius during the day. But at night, the air temperature of this Flower City can touch up to 15-18 degrees Celsius.

However, the character of the air temperature can be tolerated because Bandung is a city that is still filled with large and tall trees. This certainly makes you feel comfortable and not too hot when the sun is shining.

Bandung City of Romance

Bandung is famous for the many buildings that are synonymous with art deco architecture in Paris, so it’s no wonder that Bandung is nicknamed Paris van Java.

This atmosphere is also what many Bandung people expect when selling a house in Bandung. The advantages of Bandung will certainly take you to the romance of Paris, France.

Bandung Culinary Heaven

One of the other advantages of people selling houses in Bandung is that Bandung is a culinary paradise. Yes, you are guaranteed to easily find a variety of delicious culinary anywhere.

Call it starting from restaurants that serve Sundanese-style food, Western-style dishes, Chinese food, to coffee shops with beautiful views.

The price range also varies. Food in student pockets? Exist. Want to eat more luxurious with the price of typical food from the capital? There is also one in Bandung.

Can’t believe it? Try walking to several culinary destinations such as Punclut (short for Puncak Ciumbuleuit), Mountain Breeze, Braga area, or even Cuanki Serayu, which is always crowded with visitors.

So, if you and your family or friends want to hangout, you certainly won’t be confused about finding various choices of interesting places in Bandung.

Parks in Bandung are suitable for refreshing

According to Ridwan Kamil, as the Governor of West Java, Bandung is a romantic city that humanizes humans. That is why various Bandung city development programs lead to the convenience of the people of Bandung.

This also needs to be additional information for those of you who are looking for a house for sale in Bandung or want to sell a house in Bandung to attract potential buyers.

He believed that the function of a city was not only as a place to gather materials. One way a city needs to be a comfortable place for humans to live permanently is by having a park in the middle of the city.

One of the things that makes a person comfortable is the existence of a park in the middle of the city. Here, you, your family, and friends can feel comfortable gathering while unwinding.

Educational Facilities in Bandung

Not only comfortable to live in, Bandung also excels in educational facilities. Many students from big cities and outside the region are educated in Kembang City, Bandung.

Call it starting from public schools and private schools that dare to compete in quality, well-known universities such as Padjadjaran University, Indonesian Education University, Parahyangan Catholic University, to Bandung Institute of Technology.

Looking for information on selling houses in Bandung, near the university area, can be the right step. This location will certainly continue to increase every year. You can use the house to live in, invest in, or even as a location for boarding houses.

The Historic Locations of Bandung City as a Tourist Destination

Are you looking for a house for sale in Bandung or want to sell a house in Bandung? Don’t forget, Bandung also has a variety of tourist destinations that are no less interesting.

Starting from shopping centers such as Trans Studio Mall Bandung, Paris Van Java Resort Lifestyle Place, Bandung Indah Plaza, 23 Paskal, or even various factory outlets in Bandung, which have always been a destination for shopping for fashion products.

If you want to visit historical heritage, especially from the colonial era, you can go to Gedung Merdeka, Gedung Sate, or to a row of buildings on Jalan Braga.

Explore the Braga area on foot while enjoying a variety of snacks or take an occasional break at one of the restaurants in Braga. Ah…surely makes you lose track of time.

So are you tempted to live in Bandung and looking for information about selling houses in Bandung? Several locations, such as Calistha Dago Residence, Landmark Residence, Dago Village, to Puri Lembana can be an option.

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