Minimalist Window Size Ideas For Dream Homes!

Minimalist Window Size Ideas For Dream Homes!

Windows are an important part of the house since they serve as a source of air circulation, which helps to keep the home healthy.Therefore, the selection of the size of the window in a room must be appropriate so as not to lack air. To help you determine the right window size, below House ImĀ  has reviewed the various ideal sizes of windows as your reference.

Types of Window Sizes

Every room in the house has its own function. Therefore, the need for air and incoming light is also different. That is why it is important for you to determine the ideal size of the window. Starting from the window of the main room to the kitchen.

1. Standard Window Size

standard window size

The standard window size that is usually located at the very front of the house is 80 cm x 120 cm with repetition 1-4 times and is designed in a row so that it seems to be one large window. Wouldn’t it be better to welcome guests with a bright room? Therefore, especially for the standard window size in the main room is indeed larger. This is so that access to air and light can be more so that the room does not seem dark. For sills on standard window sizes are 60 mm on the right side and left side. Then the total thickness of the frame that you have to prepare is 120 mm.

2. Home Window Size

the window size of the house

In addition to being at the very front, each house usually has windows on the right and left side to the back. The ideal minimalist window size for a home is 82 cm x 100 cm. A minimalist concept house will be more suitable with the size of a large modern minimalist home window. Modern minimalist homes generally carry the concept of full glass to accentuate the impression of modern and elegant. If your home has a large enough size, then the number does not have to be the benchmark. You can create your own modern minimalist home window size according to taste.

3. Minimalist Bedroom Window Size

minimalist bedroom window size

The room for the bedroom is generally smaller than the main room, therefore the size of the bedroom window does not have to be large. Minimalist bedroom window size has an area of 40-50 cm and a height of 90-100 cm. You can adjust it to the area and interior of the room. In addition to the size of minimalist bedroom windows, you also need to think about a suitable design, aluminum windows can be your choice. But you must also remember that the room is a private room, therefore it is better not to install windows with excessive width to feel calm.

4. Bathroom Window Size

bathroom window size

As we know, the bathroom is a room that must be closed. For that, it is highly recommended that you install a window with a small size. The ideal minimalist window size standard for a bathroom is 30×30. The mini window is also known as the boven window, usually placed on the door or on the upper wall. The ideal minimalist window size is often encountered in the bathroom of the house or public bathroom. The design itself varies, some are in the form of glass, planting jalusi and ect.

5. Ideal Size of Kitchen Window

kitchen window size

For the kitchen, you need the ideal minimalist window size that fits the concept of your dream kitchen. however, the ideal size of windows for the kitchen is 50 cm x 70 cm. Your cooking activities will be more fun if there is fresh air coming in from outside. The size is enough for the kitchen, especially if you have a kitchen that is not so spacious. But, if you want to cook while enjoying the scenery outdoors, you can set your own size according to taste.

6. Aluminum Window Size

aluminum window size

Aluminum windows are currently in vogue. The simple model is suitable for home with a minimalist concept. Aluminum windows can be installed in the bedroom or kitchen. The standard aluminum window size for the bedroom is 40 cm x 120 cm, while for the kitchen is 80 cm x 90 cm with a frame size of 4 inches. Apart from the model and durable, aluminum is also flexible because it can be shaped as desired. You can make aluminum windows with folding or sliding models.

Tips for Choosing a Size for a Window

To have a window with the ideal size you have to consider the area of the room. A spacious room with small windows will cause a lack of incoming air so that it feels stuffy. Conversely, a narrow room with large windows will seem to be an open room. Here are some tips that you can apply.

1. Measuring the Room

Before determining the right window size, you must measure the part of the wall of the room to be fitted with the window. This is to adjust the size of the window that fits the room.

2. Adjusting size to design

Not only the size that needs to be considered, you also have to adjust the size to the design to be used. For example, the size of a wide window is not suitable if using a thick frame design.

3. Adjust to room function

The size in installing windows must also be in accordance with the function and needs of the room. For example, the living room requires a large window to be brighter to welcome guests, while the bathroom needs a small window to keep it closed.

That is information about the various sizes of windows that can be your benchmark when building a dream home. Make sure the air circulation in your home remains smooth to stay healthy

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