Type 60 House: A Guide to House Sizes, Plans, and Prices

Type 60 house means the type of house that is much in demand because of its ideal size and area. This type of house is usually sought after by families who want a house that is not too small, but also not too big. In short, type 60 houses mean the ideal house for family occupancy.

Widely, this house has several types of dimensional variants that can be selected based on the taste of the layout of the house. Other than that, exterior and interior design have become one of the attractions of type 60 houses. Let’s see the following article to find out the variations of type 60 house plans and their prices.

Overview of Type 60 House Size

As the name implies, type 60 house means a type of occupancy that has an area of 60 square meters for the building. There are several types that are widely marketed, ranging from 60⁄90, 60⁄72, and 60⁄100. The slash mark after the number 60 indicates the land area of the house type 60. So, if it is written 60⁄90 it signifies a house of 60 square meters with a land area of 90 square meters.

This type of house not only has dimensions of 6×10 square meters, but also some measuring 6×12 or 8×7 square meters. Related to layout and arrangement, type 60 house designs can be made with only one floor or 2 floors if the land area is considered insufficient for the desired layout.

The characteristic of this type of house is the minimalist style that is highlighted in the interior and exterior design. Usually, this type of house takes many geometric shapes, such as boxes for home design. Meanwhile, the selection of interior design is focused on the concept of open space to create a broad impression and optimize space.

Type 60 House Plan

In general, the design of type 60 houses has 2-3 bedrooms on one floor. However, there are also some that have 2 floors with an additional number of rooms. Here are some types of 60 home designs:

House plan type 60: 1-story structure with 2 rooms

Type 60 house design that only has 2 rooms suitable for families with 1 child. The house plan, like in the picture above, is built in the form of a 1-story house. The layout of a house like this will allow for a wider room area.

The design of the living room, dining room, and kitchen is also made to look like an open area and separated using a seal. This aims to give the impression of a wide and spacious house.

House plan type 60:  1-story structure with 3 rooms

Different from the previous house plan, the picture above shows a 60 with 3-room type house in a 1-story building structure. However, the addition of the number of rooms certainly affects the area of other rooms.

House plan type 60: 2-story structure with 4 bedrooms

The option of building a type 60 2-story house usually occurs because the land is quite limited. The addition of the floor is done as one of the solutions to overcome the addition of space.

Price of Type 60 House

The price of a house is certainly influenced by a number of factors, especially location. Therefore, the price of type 60 houses can be grouped by region. Here is a list of type 60 house prices in a number of cities in Indonesia in 2021, reported on page 99.


– Jakarta: Rp400 million-Rp2 billion

– Depok: Rp300 million-Rp1 billion

– Tangerang : Rp480 million-Rp2 billion

– Bekasi : Rp400 million-Rp1 billion

– Surabaya : Rp220 million-Rp2 billion


The price may change depending on the conditions and other things that affect the value of the property. Therefore, make sure to always keep up to date with the price.

That’s the discussion about type 60 houses and some house plans based on the number of rooms available. In essence, this type of house can be your choice to get the ideal home with the right area, design, and price. Are you interested in this type of house?

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