Decorating ideas for modern bathrooms

The bathrooms have long been one of the most important rooms in the house. Modern bathroom decor pleasing to the eye, gives functional and relaxing effect, helps people feel better and younger.Functional and elegant, modern bathroom decor is an important part of the new home design. The variety of bathroom features , furniture, decoration materials, such as modern wallpaper, floor and wall tiles for the bathroom, makes it possible to create a unique bathroom design to suit every taste and in any style.When you planning repairs in the bathroom you should familiarize yourself with a few simple but very important rules. Materials to be used in the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor must be water-resistant and aggressive agents. Most often, for wall decor in the bathroom are used ceramic tiles, at least – marble, plastic plates. The color of floor tiles can be a little darker than the walls, but must be accompanied by a shade. Tile size is also a critical parameter and should be  up to 70x70cm and more. Take into account that small-format tiles reduces the visual space. Large-color tiles create visual effect of whole surface.

To create a colorful and cozy spaces were designed decorative elements: decorations, mosaics, friezes, panels, borders.

Patterns can liven up monotonous tiles in the bathroom. They are placed at a certain distance from each other, bringing a special flair to the overall design of bathroom.

Panel is one large or several smaller tiles with the image of the figure or portrait.

Mirrors in decorating a bathroom

None of us can not imagine a bathroom without a mirror. Mirror in the bathroom – it’s not only the subject of a purely functional. They play a huge decorative role, and professional decorators using mirrors often visually enlarge the space. Using this small optical “trick” you make the interior of your bathroom more spacious and visually lighter.

All  lights in the bathroom must be completely protected from moisture contamination . You can select a point or overhead lights. Also an excellent choice are fluorescent lamps.

 All  furniture must be resistant to moisture. Popular  materials are: aluminum, glass, “rubberized” tree.

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