12 Ways to Save Electricity at Home That Can Reduce Bills

12 Ways to Save Electricity at Home That Can Reduce Bills

Electrical energy certainly cannot be separated from the routine activities of a home owner. Often, the use of electricity at home is not limited, resulting in an escalating bill. To prevent this from happening, there is a lifehack in the form of a way to save electricity at home that is easy to implement.

Implementing ways to save electricity in everyday life certainly has many benefits, both in terms of the small costs you will incur and the health of the earth.

10 Ways to Save Electricity at Home

How do you save electricity at home? Don’t be confused, because these are 10 ways to save electricity in your home, all from simple things that you can do regularly with your family.

1.Use LED Lights.

The first way to save electricity is to replace the lights at home with LED lights. LED lamps have a much lower wattage than conventional lamps. LED lights are expensive. However, with a much smaller wattage, you’ll actually save more in the long run.

Generally, a 7-watt LED lamp has the same light power as a regular 60-watt bulb. With a fairly significant difference in wattage values, you can reduce your electricity bill quite significantly.

2.Maximize the air from the window.

By maximizing air through windows, it can be an effective way to save electricity. Why so? With the air from outside, you don’t need to turn on the air conditioner or fan too often. In addition, the fresh air that enters will make the room cooler and more comfortable.

3.Turn off the lights from the morning to the evening.

Utilizing sunlight from morning to evening can be one of the hacks to reduce electricity bills at home. Unfortunately, some people underestimate this. In fact, if done regularly, one of the ways to save electricity in everyday life will have a positive impact, both on the environment and on the costs incurred for power use.

Natural light from the sun can replace the light during the day. Sunlight will enter through the void area and the windows of the house. To have more leverage, pay attention to the type of window you choose when building a house.

4.Unplug the socket at night.

Without you knowing it, electricity continues to flow if electronic items are still plugged into the socket even though they are turned off. That way, electricity will be wasted. Therefore, one way to save electrical energy is to unplug unused devices that are always plugged into the socket.

5.Switch to fast charging.

Increasingly sophisticated technology supports the creation of fast charging. Although the wattage is higher than ordinary chargers, fast charging can be an alternative way to save electrical energy. By using fast charging, you don’t have to leave your electronic devices connected to electricity for a long time.

6.Choosing a laptop device for work.

You spend a lot of money because you have to always turn on your PC during WFH? The solution is to switch to a laptop device. PCs do have a stronger performance than laptops, but for needs such as Word, Excel, browsing, or streaming video, this device is no less far than a PC. A PC requires 300 watts of power, while a laptop only needs about 180 watts.

7.Avoid electric water dispenser.

Most of you may not know that electric water dispensers can have higher wattages than air conditioners and refrigerators. You can reduce your electricity bill by using a manual dispenser. For hot water, you can boil water, and if you like cold water, the refrigerator can also cool the water.

8.Turn off the TV when it’s not in use.

Did you know that a TV that stays on can consume up to 5 watts of power? Therefore, turning off the TV that is not in use is a very effective way to save electricity. It’s even better if you unplug the TV that is not turned on to cut off the electricity.

9.Setting the refrigerator to save energy.

The next way to save electricity is to manage the use of the refrigerator wisely. The refrigerator has a feature to keep the temperature stable. With it, if you open it too often, the power consumption will increase, because the refrigerator has to work harder to keep the temperature stable. Loose rubber insulation, hot food, and being too close to a wall can all increase a refrigerator’s electrical power.

10.Washing a lot of clothes at one time.

The washing machine has a fairly large wattage consumption, with 250 watts of power for washing/rinsing and 150 watts for drying clothes. With a washing machine that is efficient and saves electricity, you can determine the right schedule for washing clothes. For example, if your washing machine is capable of being filled with dirty clothes for 5 days, then you only need to wash clothes every 5 days.

Tips on how to save electricity tokens

If you use electricity tokens, don’t miss the two tips on how to save electricity below to reduce the intensity of reloading pulses.

1.Use secret code for electricity meter.

Did you know that you can do some small hacks on prepaid electricity meters? You won’t get free electricity tokens, but some of the functions of these secret codes can help you check your electricity usage. These codes are an open secret and you can find them all on Google.

2.Use electricity wisely.

Maybe you’ve heard about how to save electricity with capacitors. This is just a myth, the truest of which is to use electricity wisely.

If you turn on the AC all day, it is certain that your electricity token will run out quickly. Several ways to save electrical energy above must be applied. The habits of using electricity wisely are a good way to save electricity tokens.

That was a review of several steps on how to save electricity at home that are easy to implement. Do this regularly so that it becomes a good habit for you. Use electricity wisely and choose energy-efficient electronic devices as a first step to implementing the ways to save electrical energy above.

Apart from that, you can also take practical steps using ONe Mobile from OCBC NISP. By becoming a Nyala OCBC NISP customer, you can manage electricity bill payments automatically or manually with the application. Make sure the electricity needs at home are met and buy electricity tokens more easily through the ONe Mobile application from OCBC NISP. Good luck!

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